Who are you? : Well, my name is Sahar (Sahar? Saharcastic? Saharcasm? Gettit??). I was born in the East (Middle East) twenty something years ago, raised in the West (Ireland), a stint in the East, and now I’m back in the West. While in “The West” I dabbled in TV, theatre and stand up comedy. After college, I moved to Saudi Arabia to teach. All of the above results in the strange concoction that I am today. Sahardeharhar.

Why are you doing this to us?: I struggled to find stories that matched my perspective so I started to write them. This is the new and improved version of Saharcasm, you can find the archived version here. 

What makes you think we want to know these things?: I follow Kim Kardashian on instagram. Sometimes, you just need to know.